The LFP Blog Softball Tournament

Today I playing in the second LFP Blog Dodgers Bloggers tournament. I was lucky enough to have three friends from my Santa Monica Wombats team join me at the West Covina Big League Dreams ballpark.

The four of us we’re placed on the LFP 2 team with a group of friends from Camarillo. Needless to say is was a great match-up! Our team ended up undefeated and were the second seed after the first three games into the playoffs.

I want to thank the team for letting me bring home the trophy. I will take great care.

Big thanks

I’d like to thank Mike from the LFP Blog for putting on the tournament for a second time this year. I know it is not an easy task, especially from PA. If you’re a Dodgers fan check out his site. If you like his awesome Photoshop skills, shoot him a donation.


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