3rd Annual Charity Softball Tournament

The 3rd Annual Charity Softball Tournament put on by Mike at The LFP Blog is coming up in April of 2015. All Dodgers fans welcome!

Mike at The LFP blog is putting on the third Charity Softball Tournament this coming spring. All Dodger bloggers and fans are welcome to join.

The Infield Box will be putting in a team, and may be looking for players! Are you interested in playing in a Dodgers Softball tournament? Check out some photos from the first & second tournament which were both held at Big League Field Dreams in West Covina.

Past players even included Josh Macciello and Dodgers photographer Jon SooHoo.

Current Dodger Blogger Teams

For the full list see: TheFLP.com

Looking to add your own team? Contact Mike or leave a comment below!

The date hasn’t been finalized yet, but expect it around April before opening day.

Date has been set for Saturday, April 11, 2015.

2015 Softball Tournament

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