Dodgers Bloggers Softball Tournament

Yesterday InfieldBox put its first team in the third LFP Charity Softball Tournament.

I personally have played the previous two tournaments, both for team LFP. The first year was for the LFP facebook group and the last tournament was on the LFP blog (which we won). So I thought it was time to bring InfieldBox into the Dodgers bloggers softball mix.

The Good and the Ugly

I would first like to say this whole event was for charity, then for fun and camaraderie amongst mostly Dodger fans. In short (the ugly); team InfieldBox ended up short in the first game (only seven players), had a few mishaps in the second game but ended up winning the third game. This left us with a 1 win and 2 loss record for the general tournament.

The problem then lied in the fact that two, count that; one, two teams where a no show which skewed screwed the whole tournament bracket as 6 well 5 teams got free passes or a “forfeit” win. One of those teams got to “play” both of the no-show teams so automatically got a pass to the playoffs.

I know the previous was pretty much out of the hands of the organizer or even the softball complex, it’s just something that was not so cool and kind of “the way the cards fell”. Team InfieldBox was dealt a bad hand from the beginning and wasn’t one of the lucky teams to play a no-show free win bracket. Which in the end left us and a few others ticked off at the Dodgers Nation team(s) (minus the 2 players of 35 who did show).


Thank you Mike at The LFP blog for hosting this event. Lets do it again soon.

(more team links once they publish there posts)

The Gallery

Seems John missed our games, but still worth checking out his gallery on the Dodgers MLB blogs

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