Is the Guggenheim Group the new McCourt

It’s been six months since I’ve been to the stadium, and I would rather not talk about that last time I was there. After six years of being a season ticket holder, the price increases just weren’t worth the value of the seats. That’s part of the reason I haven’t been to a home game outside of a weekend trip to spring training opening day in Glendale Arizona.

Price increases

In 2012 when the Dodgers attendance was at an all time low, so they offered season tickets on the field level for $16 a seat. Once I priced out two seats for the complete season I quickly found out it was around the price I had been paying for random seats throughout the stadium the previous few years. So after a quick discussion with my then girlfriend we signed up.

Fast forward a few years; without looking at all the exact price increases to my seats each year I can tell you that the 2018 season seat cost was $45 as seat. That’s an increase of 181.25% over seven years.

That’s an increase of 181.25% over seven years.

I can understand they want to make more money, but the fact the Guggenheim Group has worked on lowering the teams salary for the past three years while increasing ticket cost, food and beverage costs and parking (which is still owned by Frank McCourt) is troublesome. Although most of the food and beverage costs are to be blamed on the Levy hospitality partnership which also limits other food vendors from the stadium.

The Dodgers giveth and taketh away

A few years back the Guggenheim Group added standing room sections with drink rails on the Field and Lodge levels. This year, they added paid stools to those sections on the Field level with prices hovering around ~$105 per game and as high as $140. I was under the impression that there was a limited number of seats allowed at the stadium, that’s why there is a section in both outfield pavilions that is blocked off. Maybe bar stool seats don’t count against the maximum allowable seats?

Maybe I’m a bit bitter. I guess the incredible 2017 season has left me expecting more from the team that is currently sixty points under five-hundred and just slightly better that the Padres in the National league west.

At least I can finally watch the games at home, since I paid for Spectrum TV. Not that the games are very exciting to watch this year.

I’m just thankful that my final year (for now) as a season ticket holder was a great one.

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